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Ship-in Repairs and Box Dispatch

If you would prefer for us to provide a box to ship your unit or hard drive into our shop, please call us to setup a work order and arrange this. There is a small fee associated with this service to cover the freight and handling, but we offer this to provide a convenient solution to get your unit sent in for repairs. We will provide appropriate packaging and a return label to ship it back to us once you receive the box. When the repair is complete we will ship it back to you, or you could pick up the unit at our shop if you prefer. Boxes will arrive to most Washington locations within 24-48 business hours. Out of state shipments may be longer based on distance.


Repair turnarounds will generally be much faster than sending to a manufacturer depot center, usually we can perform repairs in days instead of weeks.


To Setup a Box Dispatch

Call our Service Department at:

(425) 644-4441